It’s funny how your life can change in a blink of an eye. You think that you have your plans made but then something changes. I believe that everything happens for a reason, I was made redundant as an estate agent so I could find my true calling and passion in photography.

I am also not one for big emotional blog posts, I try to keep this blog for little glimpses of my home life as a Mum but mainly to showcase my beautiful shoots and weddings but this is something I feel like I need to share and now is the right time to do so.

At the start of 2015 my life changed, as after much consideration me and my husband decided we would be happier apart. A hard decision as we have two beautiful little ladies together but definitely the right one for us both. Over the past six months you have probably noticed my updates have been less and less but my two little ladies have needed a lot of attention in adjusting to the big change in their little lives and they have to be my priority. On that note I would like to thank all my clients especially my beautiful brides (and grooms) for being so patient and understanding. Your support as meant so much to me and the girls.

As I look forward to the future I am determined to keep building my business, I’m not going anywhere and can’t wait to share all those beautiful weddings and special moments with you all. I still believe in a happily ever after and my Prince will come someday lol…..

I wanted to do something to mark our new beginning and my good friend and fellow photographer, Kirsty-Lynn Jameson Photography, agreed to do this beautiful family shoot for me in her studio and we had so much fun. Thank you Kirsty-Lynn for making this mummy happy and giving me back some confidence in the process!

From Sunday the 14th June I am off for a holiday of a lifetime with my little Princesses to the most magical place in the world, Disney World, Florida to make some of our own happy memories. I will be back to work on 6th July and can’t wait to start sharing your memories with you.

From My Heart to Yours…….
Melissa xxx

I had such a fun morning shooting with Neil & Sarah-Louise on our adventure to the Mourne’s and the seaside. These guys were great company and we had plenty of laughs. Neil surprised Sarah-Louise with a beautiful eternity ring for her birthday on the beautiful beach at Greencastle. But that’s enough to write I’ll let the images speak for themselves, thanks again guys for a great morning xx

I was honored to be invited to spend the day with Donna & Karl to help celebrate their wedding and capture those special moments. The couple now both live in Jersey, Donna originally from Richhill and Karl from New Zealand, they decided on the Palace Stables & Moody Boar for their intimate wedding surrounded by close friends and family…